Heat Pump unlike conventional electric water heaters saves upto 70% power.Heat pump water heaters have a COP (Co-efficient of performance) of 3.6, meaning that the energy produced in the form of hot water is 3.6 times more than that is consumed. By comparison, electric water heaters have a COP of less than 1, resulting in heat.

• High efficiency compressor
It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings.
• Intelligent controller Controller that displays the hot water temperature and quantity Choose between Standard Timing, Night and Sleep modes a full functional remote and LCD screen.
• Isolated safe condenser
Ensuressafety and superior conduction of heat.
• Magnesium anode
Protects your water heater and gives it a long life. • Quick heating
Thismode is giving instant hotwater. • Titanium tank
Titanium enameling ensures greater corrosion resistance Suitable for high-rise building and pressure pumps Pressure withstanding capacity.